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Art and Science Workshops!

Date: 20th Nov 2018 @ 7:20pm

Last week, the children had two very exciting visitors! On Tuesday, the fantastic artist David Bixter came into 4M to do a workshop with the children and on Wednesday, scientist Adam came into school to conduct an experiment which informed the children all about the digestive system!

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Bobby L wrote:

On Tuesday an artist called David Bixter came into our class and showed us how to do the best art work ever! What type of art work do you think we did? We did continuous line drawings! We got lots of water-colour pencils to colour in our art and then we got black marker pens and outlined small shaped in our art to make them stand out!

Ashton C wrote:

On Wednesday Adam the scientist came into our class. He brought pringles with him to conduct an experiment. We had to crush the pringles, which were six years old, to squeeze the fat our of them. This showed us how unhealthy pringles are. Adam also brought Weetabix, beans, milk and a masher with him. We used these to represent the digestive system. First we mashed weetabix and beans together in the 'mouth,' then we added vinegar for stomach acid and then we used a sponge to get all of the water out of the mixture (like the large intestine.) Then we played beat the scientist and Adam had to answer any science question that we asked!