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Spaceport School Trip

Date: 22nd May 2018 @ 12:19pm

On Friday 18th May Year 1 visited Spaceport in the Wirral. We went on a huge coach and we travelled through the tunnel to get there. It was very dark and spooky but we really enjoyed it. When we got there we had lots of exciting activities to participate in; we were able to visit the space dome which had lots of planets and stars projected onto the ceiling. We also got to watch a video and learn lots of new facts about space. We went on space ride and this was very wobbly but it was lots of fun. Inside the Spaceport centre there were lots of huge models of Star Wars characters and of astronauts, we loved looking at them. We also watched a rocket launch demonstration and counted down from three to zero and then we watched the rocket blast off into the air. A fabulous day was had by all, take a look at our pictures

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