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Little Oaks Home Learning 13/07/20

Hello Everyone, it's the last week of Summer Term and we are all hoping for some lovely weather for the Summer Holidays! This week Our learning this week is all  about holidays! Have you ever been on holiday? How did you get there, did you travel by car or by aeroplane? Have you ever stayed in a caravan or a tent? What fun! Have you ever spent the day at the seaside? What was your favourite thing to do there? Our story this week is called 'Lucy and Tom at the Seaside' by Shirley Hughes. 

Activity Ideas:

* Click on the videos below and sing along to these great new songs- 5 little sandcastles and 5 little mermaids. 
*Look at the picture of the suitcase? Can you name the items that need to be packed? What would you take on holiday? What would mummy take? What would Daddy take? 
* Can you make some pretend icecream, look at the pictures for some ideas, you could use cotton wool balls in a paper cone!

* Can you draw a picture of where you are going or would like to go on holiday? There are lots of different types of holidays! Mrs Berry is looking forward to going to the seaside and staying in a caravan. Miss Wilson is going camping to Wales, she can't wait to have lots of fun! Mrs Fletcher is going on an aeroplane to another country, the hotel has a big pool! Where would you like to go on holiday? You could be going on a train, on the bus, in the car, on an aeroplane or a boat for a new adventure!

Happy Holidays!