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YR Home Learning Friday 17th July

Good Morning, 

Today is the last day for home learning activities. Thank you for all your hard work with supporting your child’s home learning over the last couple of months - you have done an amazing job!

Can you create your last Tales Toolkit story in Reception? Be as creative as you can! There is no theme for your story this week so I would like you to include any characters you like. Maybe you could create a story all about Summer, think about beaches, ice cream and sunny weather! Maybe you could include some of these in your story.  

Find 20 different pencils, pens, sticks etc. Of the same length. Can you build as many 2D shapes as you can and tell your adult about the properties of the shapes? For example, a square has 4 sides and all the sides are the same length. How many can you make? Good luck.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Year one is just around the corner. It’s ok to be worried and feel a little nervous. Attached below are some posters to help you with your feelings. Use these strategies to create a positive mindset.  

 As always please add your child’s learning to Tapestry, 

Have a lovely Summer,

The Reception Team.

Enjoy these phonics clips provided by letters and sounds which we follow in school. They will help you with your reading and writing.

Here is the link to the Oak Academy also:

Files to Download