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YR Home Learning Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning, 

Break the story down using our tales toolkit template: Who was the main character in the story? Where did she live? What was the problem – who came to take her away? What was the solution? How did she escape? Have a go at writing a simple sentence for each part of the story using our Tales Toolkit template.  
Character: The mermaid  
Setting: Silversands Bay 
Problem: Sly Sam took the mermaid to the circus.  
Solution: The seagull stole the key and let the mermaid out.  
 Remember to segment the sounds in each word and record them in sequence 

Last week, you looked at halving numbers. When we half, we share a quantity of an amount out amongst two groups. Well sharing is quite similar, but when we share we split the number up into more than two groups. For example, we could share our sweets out amongst three friends. If we shared 12 sweets between 3 friends, how many sweets each would they have? Follow the Sharing PowerPoint attached to learn how to share different quantities. There is also a worksheet for you to complete to practise sharing different amounts. Use practical resources to represent each question to help you.

The Singing Mermaid lives at Silversands Bay. This is like a beach. Can you do some research about the beach? What might you hear/see/smell at the beach? Draw a picture of a beach you would like to visit. Think carefully about the different parts of the beach (sand, sea, rocks, rockpool, sand dunes). 

 As always please add your child’s learning to Tapestry, 

The Reception Team.

Enjoy these phonics clips provided by letters and sounds which we follow in school. They will help you with your reading and writing.

Here is the link to the Oak Academy also:

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