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Friday 22.1.21

Happy Friday Y5! Well done for completing another week of home learning, we are all extremely proud of you! :)

Here is your home learning for today (Friday 22nd January 2021):


LO: To review our learning so far.

Today we will revisit some of the man learning concepts taught across the unit. We will be reviewing our understanding of multiples and factors; multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000; mental strategies for efficient mental calculation and finishing off the lesson by consolidating our familiarity with formal methods of multiplication and division. At each section, problems and challenges will be presented and then discussed.


LO: To write the first part of our build up.

In this lesson, we will use our plans and all the vocabulary and knowledge we've built up in previous lessons to write the first part of the build-up of The Highwayman.


Today you will complete your spelling test, just like we normally would in school! Ask your grown up or sibling to read each of your spellings out one at a time and then mark your spellings to check which ones were incorrect. If you got any incorrect, can you challenge yourself to continue practicing them until you can spell them correctly?

Reading Comprehension:

Today's reading comprehension will look at the FA cup! Remember to adjust the level of diffculty to the version that suits your child.


LO: To explore IP addresses.

This lesson introduces the idea that parts of a computer system are not always in the same place or country. Instead, those parts of a system must transfer information using the internet. You will also gain an awareness of IP addresses and the rules (protocols) that computers have for communicating with one another.

Have a fantastic weekend and make sure that you enjoy spending this valuable time with your family!
Many thanks, 
Y5 Team

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