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Happy Thursday everyone.

It’s been another busy week with lots going on. Since we last spoke we have had our first Broad Oak Live virtual assembly which I thoroughly enjoyed – especially hearing all of the shout outs from you lot at home 😊

This week has brought with it a few more firsts – our first Wellbeing Wednesday for one yesterday. You have all been working so, so hard and are definitely deserving of a chance to do something you enjoy away from the screens. I know a lot of you have been trying hard to get out and about with your families to get some fresh air and much needed exercise now the weather – dare I say it – has started to improve a little. I know Miss Bowes is looking forward to seeing who has been taking part in her 5km challenge this week.

So after another week of hard work who has caught our eye. The emails, the texts, the lovely photographs and chats have as always been our favourite part of the day.


Just a few special mentions from our Year 3 staff.

Thomas Devlin in 3H has impressed us all with his efforts to keep up his reading whilst learning at home. I know you have been accessing your Bug Club books as well as reading a few of your favourite paperback books too. Well Done!

Albert Blease-Murray in 3LB has taken to the outdoors to get some exercise on his bike cycling a whopping 7 miles. I know your family were extra proud of how sensible you were and staff in Year 3 are super proud of your determination too. Superstar!

Lucas Langtree in 3M has been busily working through his workbooks and impressing everyone with all his hardwork. We are very proud of your work ethic Lucas. Keep it up!


Remote Learning Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week this week goes to Albert in 3LB for his fantastic achievement. I’m sure all your classmates will be just as impressed as us. Thank you for sharing 😊


Handy website/activity to try this week:

It would be lovely to see a few more of you taking a look at the books you have been allocated on Bug Club.

Use the link on the website or visit and use your login details. I know your class teachers will love to see a few more books completed when they login each day. Who knows you could be one of next week’s star’s like Thomas!


Remember staff are only on the end of the phone/emails so if you have any problems or struggle with any of your tasks then please let us know so we can help sort it out. Paper packs for next week’s lessons will be ready to collect from the office from lunchtime on Friday.

Keep sending in all of your fabulous work – and I hope you can join us for Broad Oak Live tomorrow @2pm. Just click on the link below on your phone, tablet or laptop.


Stay Safe

Miss Brown