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Wednesday 21st October

We have been notified of a positive case relating to 4K. Children in 4K should self isolate until Friday 30th October. Please note, this information is only for children in 4K, other children DO NOT NEED TO ISOLATE.

There is more information in the letter below:

FOR PARENTS OF CLOSE CONTACTS OF COVID 19 in Class 4K at Broad Oak Community Primary

Advice for Child to Self-Isolate for 14 Days 

Dear parent or carer,

We have been made aware that we have a confirmed positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at Broad Oak in class 4K.

We have followed the national guidance and have identified that your child has been in close contact with the affected child. In line with the national guidance your child must stay at home and self-isolate until Friday 30th October.

If your child is well at the end of the 14 days period of self-isolation, then they can return to usual activities.

Other members of your household can continue normal activities provided your child does not develop symptoms within the 14 day self-isolation period.

Please see the link to: Guidance for contacts of people with confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection who do not live with the person

What to do if your child develops symptoms of COVID 19

If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should remain at home for at least 10 days from the date when their symptoms appeared. Anyone with symptoms will be eligible for testing and this can be arranged via or by calling 119 . 

People who do not have symptoms should not request a test unless this has been specifically requested by Public Health England or the local authority.

All other household members who remain well must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days. This includes anyone in your ‘Support Bubble’.

The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill.

Household members should not go to work, school or public areas and exercise should be taken within the home. If you require help with buying groceries, other shopping or picking up medication, or walking a dog, you should ask friends or family. Alternatively, you can order your shopping online and medication by phone or online.

Household members staying at home for 14 days will greatly reduce the overall amount of infection the household could pass on to others in the community

If you are able can, move any vulnerable individuals (such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) out of your home, to stay with friends or family for the duration of the home isolation period

Please see the link to the PHE ‘Stay at Home’ Guidance:

Symptoms of COVID 19

The most common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of:

  • new continuous cough and/or
  • high temperature and/or
  • a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness.

If your child does develop symptoms, you can seek advice from the website at If you are concerned about your child’s symptoms, or they are worsening you can seek advice from NHS 111 at or by phoning 111.

How to stop COVID-19 spreading

There are things you can do to help reduce the risk of you and anyone you live with getting ill with COVID-19


  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

Further Information

Further information is available at


Friday 11th September

Please see the letter above which I have been asked to send to you by St Helens Council. Please note it has been delivered directly to Newton residents not those in Parr.


Friday 21st May

Today is the last day of our first summer half term. In ordinary times, our school would close today and re-open on 3rd June but, as we know, these are definitely not ordinary times. There will be no learning tasks set on the website until 3rd June - take some time to play, laugh, read and relax. There are also no free school meals vouchers during this time. If you require support, we are still here for you. School will be open each day (except Bank Holiday Monday) for phone calls or emails.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE 'thank you' to our amazing staff who have worked tirelessly during this pandemic both in school, looking after our children here and at home, providing activities and learning opportunities, making food parcels, sharing newsletters, creating videos, supporting families and remaining cheerful and positive at all times. I am so proud of them all. 

Thank you too for all your support and kind messages recently. They really are appreciated.

The letter below from our Chair and Vice Chair of Governors outlines provisional plans for re-opening.Have a lovely break. Mrs Hignett

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you and your families are safe and well in these very challenging times.

Our first priority, as it has been since the onset of this awful crisis, remains the health and safety of pupils, families and of our staff who continue to care for vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers. I know that you will share this priority.

We wanted to provide further clarity following the Government’s announcement that schools will re-open no earlier than the first of June on what you can expect to happen next.

As stated the safety and welfare of your children, you as parents and all of our staff in schools is of paramount importance and whilst we are eager to get children back into education, we need to ensure that this is not putting them and others at increased risk of infection from Covid-19 at this time. The Government & the TUC (Trade Union Council) set five tests to measure whether any extension of school opening is safe for society, for children and their families and for the staff who work in them. These tests have not yet been met and we await a further update from the government at the end of May. All the dates below are provisional.

We want to begin a phased opening as soon as possible, however, given the need for safety from June 3rd 2020 (after the half term holidays) we will continue to offer childcare to children of Key Workers and for vulnerable groups and identify other children that will be invited to attend first. Between 3rd and 5th June, we will contact parents who have requested keyworker provision via our text message system and also families in the priority year groups who we have been supporting both before and during the pandemic and invite them to attend from Monday June 8th.

If there is any further safe capacity, following rigorous risk assessment, additional pupils will be invited to return in small, manageable numbers. This phased re-introduction, if safe to do so, will take place from the 15th of June 2020 onwards with Y6 invited to attend first. From 29th June, further risk assessment will take place with a view to admitting more children in small groups. All our plans must ensure that children are invited back at the right time and when we can offer you as parents the reassurances you will need that your child will be safe. We will write to you after half term with a further update.

Thank you for supporting school with our best endeavours to bring more children into school over the coming weeks, whilst prioritising everyone’s health and well-being and being guided by Government advice and guidance for when it is safe to do so.

We would like to thank you for your kindness, understanding and ongoing patience at this very difficult time

Yours sincerely,

Mrs M Hignett                   Mrs L Moore                              Mrs L Lawton

Headteacher                    Chair of Governors                      Vice Chair of Governors


Monday 18th May

Good morning everybody,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed all the sunshine we have had recently. We continue to work hard on our plans to reopen school to groups of children as soon as we safely can. I will shortly be sending out a very short survey via text to parents of children in Y6, Y1, Reception and Nursery. Please take a moment to complete this as it will really help us to get things right for our children.

The Whit half term holiday is approaching and school will remain closed to the majority of children (with the exception of key worker children) between Monday 25th May and Wednesday June 3rd   as per our previously set term dates. Unless there is a change in government policy, there will be no free school meal voucher issued for this week. There will also be no learning tasks set on the website or via text. We want you to spend the time reading, playing, drawing, spending time together and enjoying the (hopefully) lovely weather that this time of year brings. If you require help or support over the holiday period, you can contact us via phone, email or text. With support from Teardrops and Magic Breakfast, we have food parcels available and are always on hand for a listening ear.

As you know, school will look very different in the short term. Children will be invited to return in small groups and will be taught in classes  of no more than 15. They will stay together in their groups with their teachers throughout the day. For our youngest pupils, the groups will be smaller. This means that children may not be in their usual classroom or with their previous teacher. However, all children know our staff well and we will do everything we can to make them happy and comfortable. They will have staggered lunch times and playtimes and the start/end times of the day may change for different groups. There will be additional cleaning duties for our caretakers and cleaners to make sure our site is even cleaner than usual!

Parents and carers will be unable to enter the school building and any messages must be shared via telephone or email. For the time being, there will be no breakfast club provision.

I know all these steps seem very strange but I also know that you will appreciate the need to do all we can to keep everyone safe and settled. I’d like to thank you for the kind messages of support we have received so far. We are so grateful for your support.

I will provide more information as soon as I am in a position to do so. In the meantime, please do complete the survey if you receive a text.

Take care everyone, I still miss you all.

Mrs Hignett

Friday 15th May

Hello everyone!

We have been busy here looking after our groups of children in school and looking at the information from the government about the plans to re-open schools to groups of children at a time. I have attached a letter above from St Helens Council that they have asked me to share with you that explains a little more about the next steps.

In the meantime, I am aware that more parents have started to return to work over the past few days. If you think you are a keyworker and haven't yet been able to access a place or haven't needed one yet but will do in the future, please contact the school office at or complete the questionnaire above and send to school.

I will be in touch as soon as I can with more detailed plans.

Take care, I miss you all.

Mrs Hignett

Monday 11th May

Good morning everybody.
I hope you are all well and had a lovely bank holiday. Have you seen our bank holiday video messages yet? If not, take a look here:

Even if you've not seen our videos, I’m sure you will have heard the Prime Minister's statement last night about the possible of reopening of school for children in some year groups from 1st June. 

Like you, we do not yet have any further information so are not in a position to confirm anything with you just yet. We are waiting for more information from the Department for Education. We will contact you as soon as we possibly can to lay out the next steps.

We will be working hard over the next three weeks to use the guidance we are given to plan how we will manage school provision. It will probably look different from how it used to. Please be prepared for possible changes in school timings, drop off and pick ups. We can't tell you what this will look like yet but we will do as soon as we can.

We will need to work really well together to make this happen happily,  safely and confidently for everyone. I know we can do this.

In the meantime, we remain open for some children who have already been offered a place at school but, to keep everybody safe, the numbers are very low. The government advice remains for you to work from home if possible and the key worker criteria has not changed as yet.

We want to be back together as soon as it is safe to do so, we miss you all. 

If you require any support or help with this or other matters, there is someone available in school each day from 9am till 3pm. We are here for you.

Take care everybody, I promise I will update you as soon as I can.
Remember- I’m so proud of you all. You are managing this brilliantly.

Mrs Hignett

Friday 20th March

It's been a day of mixed emotions at Broad Oak today. We are all devastated to have had to close our school and say goodbye to our children and families in such an unexpected way. However, the strength, courage, resilience, spirit, enthusiasm and determination of our wonderful staff and fabulous children has shone brightly through our school this week. There have been lots of laughs, smiles, acts of kindness and solidarity all round. We have not walked alone. I cannot describe how proud I am to be headteacher of our very special family.

We will be back together soon, stronger and ready to move on to our next exciting chapter.

Throughout the closure we will still be there for you, just in different ways. You can contact us by phone, text or  email at It may take us a while to respond as there are fewer of us but we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Take care, look after each other. See you soon. #BroadOakFamily x x




Thank you for your support again today. We are looking forward to a fun Friday. Children are welcome to wear non-uniform.

Preparing for Monday

As we prepare to open the school on Monday, it is really important that we are able to find out how many children we will be expecting on site. This will help us to provide food and plan exciting things to do.

School will be open between 8.55am and 3.15pm only to the children of key workers; those with Educational Health Care Plans and those chosen by the LA. In the absence of a national key worker list, the LA has collated their own list and has asked that we gather numbers based on this.

As these are emergency childcare arrangements, parents are asked only to use school as a childcare provision if it is absolutely necessary to do so. Please also ensure that children do not attend in a period of self-isolation or symptomatic.

There is an LA parental questionnaire on this page. Can parents, who hope to use school as emergency childcare, please email school on with their answers as soon as possible but by 11am tomorrow (Friday) at the latest. 

Please note, this is an expression of interest only. You will receive a message tomorrow with further information if you are eligible.

This provision will be reviewed regularly during the closure under guidance from the LA and Government and may be subject to change.

We only received the questionnaire late in the school day, so apologies for the quick turnaround.


Update 18.03.20

Thank you again for your positive comments and continued support at such a difficult time. We have all appreciated it.

I'm sure you will have the heard the news tonight that school will close on Friday from 3.15pm until further notice. We will remain open until then. I look forward to seeing all children and parents who are well and able to attend over the next two days.

Everyone in our family has been amazing this week (as they are each week). I am incredibly proud of our talented, hard working staff and our enthusiastic, well behaved children and it has been a pleasure to watch just how everyone has supported each other in this difficult period. I am a very lucky headteacher. I have no doubt that this support will continue during this school closure - it may look a little different but I know Broad Oak will continue to be an integral part of children's lives in Parr.

i will update further on the other part of the Prime Minsiter's announcement relating to key worker children and other groups when I have more information from the council.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Mrs Hignett

Update 17.03.20

Thank you for your continued support today. School will be open again as usual tomorrow.

The government advice remains that if your child or anyone in your household has shown symptoms of a cough or a high temperature, they should not attend school for 14 days from the onset of symptoms.

If a child displays either symptom in school, you will be contacted to take them home and then they must remain absent from school for the isolation period.

It is also very important that if you have informed us that your child is self-isolating , they do not attend school for the recommended amount of time.  In the best interests of all our children and adults, they will not be allowed to remain in school if the appropriate isolation period hasn't been completed. I know you will continue to work with us to keep everyone safe.

I also know many of you are keen to keep our children learning at home and our teachers are busy preparing some online resources for them to access whilst at home. These will be available on here from Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, read, read, read! Children can also practise their times tables and write a diary entry or book review.

Thank you once again for your support and positivity. These are difficult times but we will work through them together. 

Mrs Hignett

Further Update 16.03.20

Following the Prime Minister's briefing, I reiterate that school will be open tomorrow.

Again, I urge you to listen to the government advice. Do not send children to school or attend yourself if there are symptoms present.

In new guidance, do not send children to school if anyone in the household is self-isolating. They should remain absent from school for 14 days.

Further support can be found from the NHS website.

Thank you again for your support. #BroadOakFamily

Update 16.3.20

Thank you for your support today. It was lovely to see so many smiles in the sunshine this morning.

School will remain open as usual tomorrow.

We have continued to stringently follow guidelines set by the Department of Education and Public Health in order to look after everybody in our Broad Oak family.  We understand there is still only one confirmed case in St Helens and this is not related to Broad Oak. We urge you to also follow this advice and keep yourself or children away from school if symptoms of a fever and/or a new persistent cough are displayed. Use the NHS 111 website for support.

We have also taken the additional step of limiting visitors into school.

We continue to understand and share your concerns. We will work through this together.

Please inform us if your child is absent by text, phone or email. This is really important to keep our children safe.

Again, I and my senior and pastoral staff are happy to discuss individual concerns or questions with you.

Mrs Hignett

DFE Guidance:

What you need to know

  • staff, young people and children should stay at home if they are unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature to avoid spreading infection to others. Otherwise they should attend education or work as normal
  • if staff, young people or children become unwell on site with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature they should be sent home
  • clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces more often than usual using your standard cleaning products
  • supervise young children to ensure they wash their hands for 20 seconds more often than usual with soap and water or hand sanitiser and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues
  • posters and lesson plans on general hand hygiene can be found on the eBug website
  • unless you have been directly advised to close by the local Public Health England Health Protection Team, we recommend all education settings remain open





Update 14.03.20

Further to my previous update relating to Coronavirus, I am aware and understand that everyone, not just our Broad Oak family, is becoming increasingly anxious about the Covid-19 outbreak and the risk to health.

Again, I would like to assure you that we are strictly following the advice we have been given from Public Health and the Department for Education. As there has been no notification from Public Health of any confirmed cases relating to Broad Oak, school will be open as usual on Monday.

The government advice is that anyone presenting with symptoms of a high temperature and/or a new persistent cough should self-isolate. This guidance was issued on Thursday evening. I would urge everyone to follow this advice and not attend school for 7 days if they present with these symptoms.

Information and guidance on Covid-19 can be found here:

We will continue to follow stringent hygiene routines in school (as described in my previous update) including the additional cleaning tasks that have already been put in place and limiting group gatherings and visitors into school. Once again, I understand and share your concerns.

If your child is absent on Monday, please continue to use our usual procedures to inform us so we can make sure all our children are safe. You can email or text us on 07786201172. I, along with senior staff and the pastoral team, are also happy to discuss individual concerns in person or via the telephone – but bear with us as I think Monday morning may be a little busy!

If there are any further updates to this current situation, I will inform you via the school website and/or text message.

Thank you for your support in this difficult time for all.

Mrs Hignett



Update 13.03.20

I know many of you are becoming increasingly worried about the effects of Coronavirus on school life. I am writing today to reassure you that we have been (and continue to) take every precaution to keep all our Broad Oak family healthy. We have been following all the guidance issued by the Department of Education and were awaiting any further advice which, as you know, was issued yesterday evening.

School will remain open. However, if your child is displaying symptoms of a new, persistent cough and a raised temperature, do not bring them to school. Seek advice online from the NHS 111 service and isolate them at home for 7 days.

We have taught the children how to wash their hands thoroughly, held assemblies and lessons on hygiene and have posters displaying the ‘Catch it, Kill it, Bin it’ message around school.  We have cancelled large group gatherings in school where possible (assemblies etc) and will be reviewing the risk assessments for trips that are planned in the near future.

There are very regular, supervised hand washing sessions throughout the day and we have also provided additional tissues, soap and hand sanitisers throughout school. We have plenty of this, but you are welcome to send your child with their own small bottle of hand sanitiser if you prefer. This must be labelled clearly with their name and children must be informed that they cannot share this with others in school.

If there are any changes to our school provision or we need to talk to you about your child’s health, you will be informed via telephone, text message, Marvellous Me or through the school website for more general messages: It is very important that we are able to contact you if we need to.  Please ensure we have 2 up to date and working contact telephone numbers for your child. These can be updated in person at the school office, via email at or by text on 07786201172. If you need a code for Marvellous Me, again please contact the school office.

Marvellous Me and the school website will be our main forms of communication so it is very important you check you can access these.

If you would like general advice or support relating to Coronavirus,  you can visit: or contact the dedicated helpline for schools and parents on 0800 046 8687, which is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Please don’t worry. We take our responsibilities seriously and are following all the relevant advice. We are doing everything we can to keep everyone well and urge you all to also follow the advice given.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Hignett

Mrs Hignett