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Friday 20.11.20


Maths - Review

In today’s lesson we will be consolidating our multiplication knowledge by using the learning from the key concepts and strategies taught across the unit to complete a series of activities.


English – Commands and Rhetorical questions

In today’s lesson we will explore commands and rhetorical questions looking at a range of examples. Using a modelled write we will practise writing commands and rhetorical questions from the perspective of one of the crayons, before writing our own commands and rhetorical questions for our own characters.


Reading Vipers – for the final task in this week’s reading lessons you need to take a look at the summary questions. This will involve you considering what has happened in the text as a whole.


Spellings – Test day. So take a quick minute or two to practise your spellings for this week before you ask an adult to test you.


Spanish – Why not login to Language angels and try a few of the language games you have been set.

Class              Username                 Password

4K                         4K                         keyte

4M                        Y4Mc                       apple

4W                        4Wi                          broad


PE - Today’s PE will be a work out from the wonderful Joe Wicks! Use your breathing from Yoga and mindfulness, channel your inner Mrs Bancroft when she’s running around our field. Concentrate and enjoy the amazing feeling you’ll get from completing your exercise.

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