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Friday 20th November


Today, we will be reviewing the sounds that we have learnt this week; g, o, c, k Use this lesson to recap these sounds. If you found one particular sound tricky, you can watch that phonics video again by finding it in this weeks home learning pages.. 

Can you find thing around your house beginning with one of this weeks sounds? Can you say/write a simple CVC word with that sound in?

Today we are going to create a story all about an alien.

Create a TT story with an alien as the character. Use the internet to search for ideas for your story. Use ‘Safe Search’ and explain that we can use the internet to find out information and to help with ideas.

Search ‘aliens – clipart’.  Scroll through the results and choose an alien to be your character.
Setting: Where will your alien go in your story? Will they be in Space or will they go on an adventure? Maybe they could visit the park, a swimming pool or somebody’s house!
It may be a problem if humans see the alien – what will they do? They might catch the alien in a net or cast a spell to freeze the alien!
Solution: How will you fix your problem?

Today, we will be looking at adding one more/ one less to an amount.

Show your child the shape monster pictures and ask them how many sides it has. Can they find the shape with one more side? One less side?

Show the cirle, semi circle, triange, square/ rectangle and star only, as these are the shapes your child has learnt about in school

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