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Friday 22nd January

Good Morning Year 1 

Please try to read each day. Children’s books can be found on the Bug Club website.

Please email school if you need your login details.


LO: To practise reading words in a sentence.

In this lesson you will be practising reading and writing simple sentences. Think carefully about sounding out and blending to help you read.

Website link:


LO: .To write an ending to a newspaper report.

Today you will complete the final part of your newspaper report, the ending. In this part of the report you will write about what happened in the end.

Example: Once the tiger had gone Sophie’s dad returned to find he had no supper, so the family had to go to a local café for tea. Sophie and her mother have bought a huge tin of tiger food just in case the tiger comes again. He hasn’t come back, yet.

Now you have a go at writing your own ending to your newspaper report.


LO: To solve addition problems using different strategies.

In this lesson, you will use various strategies to solve calculations within 20.



LO: To use an app to label an image.

Following the science lesson last week, of labelling the human body you now have to dry and do this using a device ( phone or ipad or tablet)

You can use any collage app.. Piccollage is free and the one we use within school.

Step 1: take a picture of someone.

Step two: Use the app to add labels to them. 


Files to Download