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Friday 29.1.21

Happy Friday Y5! Well done for another fantastic week of home learning, we are extremely proud of how well you are doing!

Today's home learning:


LO: To compare and order fractions.

In this lesson, you will order and compare fractions. You will need to think carefully about each fraction's worth so that you can order them correctly. I find that it helps to think of fractions as pizzas sometimes e.g. which is larger 1/2 of a pizza or 3/4 of a pizza? :)


LO: To write the build up.

In this lesson, we will use our plans and all the vocabulary and knowledge we've built up in previous lessons to write the second part of the build-up of The Highwayman.


Today it is time for our weekly spelling test, just like we'd have in school. Ask your grown up/siblings to read each spelling out one by one, write them down and then mark them. Practice any spellings that you didn't quite manage to get correct.

Reading Comprehension

Today's reading comprehnsion will be about the Christian holiday Pentecost which is when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles! Find out about this holy holiday by reading the comprehension attached.


We would advise you to complete this lesson on a desktop device as you need to download and interact with additional files as part of the learning. These can be downloaded from the last slide of the worksheet. You should always ask your parent or carer for permission before downloading files from the internet. In this lesson, you will consider how people can work together when they are not in the same location. You will discuss ways of working and simulate a collaborative online project.

Have a fantastic weekend and make sure that you switch off, get outdoors and spend quality time with your families! :) Also, a big thank you to all of the fantastic grown ups who are doing an amazing job with their child's home learning, we appreciate you more than you might know! 
Y5 Team

Files to Download