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Home learning wc. 21.9.20

Hello Y1! Here are this week's home learning tasks:

Monday 21st September


During this half term we will be learning how to write a character description.

LO: To listen and respond to a story

In the first lesson of this new unit, we listen to the story 'Honey and Trouble' and think about the characters and main plot points. Click on the link below to listen to the story:


This half term we will be learning about addition and subtraction. Today we will focus on addition. 

LO: To count all of the items in a set. 

In this lesson we will be combining sets, by counting all of the items in that set. We will practice writing addition equations. Click on the link below:

Task: complete the maths lesson 1 worksheet. 


Tuesday 22nd September


LO: To tell a story from memory.

In this lesson, we will create a story map and 'step' the story of 'Honey and Trouble'.


LO: To count on from an amount.

In this lesson, we will continue to explore combining sets, by counting on from an amount. We will practice writing equations to express this.

Task: Lesson 2 worksheet.

Topic- Geography:

This half term we will be learning about the United Kingdom and London; the capital city of England.

LC: What is the United Kingdom?

In today's lesson, we join Miss Browne in learning about the geographical location of the UK, and the countries within the UK. We will draw a map of the countries within the UK and label with seas surrounding it.

Wednesday 23rd September


LO: To explore character through what they do, say, think and feel.

In this lesson, we use our character writing toolkit to explore the main inner quality of the monkey through song and a mood map.



LO: To use addition to solve problems.

This lesson will explore how addition can be linked to problem solving contexts. We will be applying the previously learnt strategies to solve problems.

Task: complete maths lesson 3 worksheet.


Thursday 24th September


LO: To use adjectives.

In this lesson, we will think of adjectives to describe the character of the monkey. We will use them to write sentences about his appearance and personality.



LO: To understand commutativity.

In this lesson, we will explore commutativity - the concept that parts in addition equations can be added together in any order.

Task: complete maths lesson 4 worksheet.



This half term we will be learning about materials and their properties.

LC: What is a material?

In this lesson, we will be introduced to what a scientist is. We will then be learning about materials and their properties. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

Task: Complete the ‘what is a material?’ worksheet.


Friday 25th September


LO: To make inferences based on what is said and done.

In this lesson, we practise our reading strategies and look for clues to infer information about the wise woman of the forest.



LO: To subtract by partitioning.

In this lesson, we will learn to subtract by partitioning a whole into parts.

Task: complete maths lesson 5 worksheet.

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