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Monday 16.11.20


Maths - Multiplication patterns

Today we will be exploring the patterns which different multiplication tables create on a 10 x 10 square. We will begin by sharing the efficient mental strategies which allow us to identify multiplication facts in the 6x and 12x multiplication tables. We will then explore other multiplication tables, shading the multiples and exploring the patterns, similarities and differences that exist within them.


English – The day the crayons quit

In today’s lesson we will read the story ‘The day the crayons quit’ and pause throughout to think and answer questions about the text.


Reading - The text for this week is called ‘The Blitz’.  You will use this text each day to work through the Vipers questions. Today, you need to focus on decoding a list of unfamiliar words. It does say on the sheet to try and do this without a dictionary, but please use one if you need to do so. 


Spellings – This week we will be learning how to add the suffix -ly to adverbs. Take a look at this weeks lesson slides. Can you complete the table with different root words which follow the 3 different rules?


Science – Food Chains

In today’s lesson we will be learning more about how we construct food chains.

Why not try the Foodchain challenge -

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