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Monday 1st February

Good MorningYear 1!

We hope you're well and ready for a new week of Home Learning. You are all doing so well, keep it up!


Please try to read with your child each day. Your child's books can be found on the Bug Club website, details as follows:

If you need your login details, please email where we will be happy to help.



LO: To spell two syllable words.

Today we are learning to spell words with two syllables.

Work through the PowerPoint to practise recognising how many syllables a word has. Then on your worksheet write the two syllable words to match the pictures.



LO: To understand how to use the ‘un’ prefix.

Over the past few weeks we have looked at how to use different suffixes, er, est, ing and ed. Today we are going to look at a prefix. A prefix is the opposite to a suffix, the small group of letters are put at the beginning of a word to change its meaning.

The prefix we are going to look at today is, un.

Go through session PDF and then have a go at the activities on the worksheet.



LO: To compare the mass of two objects.

In this lesson we will be comparing the masses of two objects.


Learning Challenge

LO: I can understand what our local area is like and identify key areas. 

Task: Using google maps find some of these places with the help of an adult in your local area.

Write the name of the place or the street that it is on.



Don't forget to explore, a super website where you can explore spelling practise and games! Your teacher has emailed your login to you but if you need any help, please ask!


Weekly Art Challenge - see worksheet!

Files to Download