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Monday 23.11.20


Maths – Perimeter

In today’s lesson we will learn what perimeter is and how to calculate it.


English – The BFG

In today’s lesson we will identify the main characters and the setting in a visual narrative based on the book by Roald Dahl. We will sketch and label the setting using ambitious adjectives.


Reading - The text for this week is called ‘Night terrors in Cairo’.  You will use this text each day to work through the Vipers questions. Today, you need to focus on decoding a list of unfamiliar words. It does say on the sheet to try and do this without a dictionary, but please use one if you need to do so. 


Spellings – This week we will be learning how to add the suffix -ly to adjectives ending in l. Take a look at this weeks lesson slides. Can you add the suffix ly to each of the root words given in the spider diagram. Find an adult and play a game of noughts and crosses if you can.  


PE - Today we will be focusing on our wonderful mindfulness and doing some cosmic yoga. Remember, breathe deeply and follow the instructions carefully, you want to make sure you are breathing properly to help you relax into the moves.


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