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Monday 8.2.21

Good morning Y4!

Today your home learning is going to be a little bit different as we are going to have an online RE day! Usually, we have one RE day each half term in which we study a religion and focus question. Although we can’t be together to enjoy RE day in school this half term, I hope that you enjoy completing RE day at home. So, today there will be no Maths, English, Reading etc, only RE lessons! This will enable you to really sink your teeth into your focus religion and hopefully learn lots of interesting facts.

Remember, learning about different religions and their beliefs is really important as it helps you to understand and therefore have tolerance and respect of other people’s cultures and beliefs.

Y4’s focus religion for this half term is Sikhism. Today, you will learn: how Sikhism began; who the ten gurus were; what the 5 Ks of Sikhism are; what Sikhs believe about God and where and how Sikhs worship. Just click the links to the Oak Academy videos to begin! 😊

Lesson One – How did Sikhism begin?

Lesson Two – Who were the ten gurus?

Lesson Three – What are the 5 Ks of Sikhism?

Lesson Four – What do Sikhs believe about God?

Lesson Five – Where and how do Sikhs worship?

Your teachers and I would love to see examples of the work that you complete today, so please do email any work to the Y4 email address.

Have a wonderful day!
Miss Mason (RE Lead)


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