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Monday 9.11.20


Maths - Using arrays

In today’s lesson we will be creating and using arrays in order to visualise multiplications and accurately answer questions about the 3 and 4 x table.

Maths Worksheet


English – Healthy Snack

In today’s lesson we will think about the snacks we eat and why we like them. We will look at an advert advertising an unhealthy snack before thinking about our own healthy alternatives.


Reading - The text for this week is called ‘Moving On’.  You will use this text each day to work through the Vipers questions. Today, you need to focus on decoding a list of unfamiliar words. It does say on the sheet to try and do this without a dictionary, but please use one if you need to do so. 

Vipers text and questions


Spelling - This week we will continue looking at the suffix ‘ation’. For today take a look at the new spelling words – can you identify what the original root word was before the suffix was added? Example – adore + ation = adoration

Weekly spelling slides



Science - How does human anatomy compare to other animals?

In this lesson, we will learn about the differences between humans and other animals. We will first learn about vertebrates and invertebrates, followed by the differences of animals who use lungs and gills to breathe. Then, we will briefly compare brains of animals. Finally, we will complete some application questions.