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We warmly welcome you into our Broad Oak family! Working together we will ensure that your child makes a great start to their school life. 

Take a look at the 'school readiness' poster for some tips and activities to help prepare your child for school. 

Here is a link to BBC Bitesize- they have lots of resources to help you and your child prepare for school together at home.

Please enjoy our 'Welcome to Reception' video, below, to see our lovely indoor and outdoor provision areas. 

Your new Reception teachers have made you a video to say hello - we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them :) 

Below, you will find a Busy Bees attachment all about 'Independence' - this PDF is full of top tips for supporting your child in being independent, ready for the start of their Broad Oak journey. 
Being independent with basic needs such as feeding themselves, managing clothing and age appropriate hygiene needs will help your child to feel confident when they start school. At home, you can support your child with practicing these skills. This could include pouring themselves a cup of water using a jug, using the toilet by themselves, being able to wash their own hands, being able to get dressed and putting on their own coat.

We would love to find out a little bit more about you. We are really looking forward to welcoming you into our Broad Oak family. Below, you will find an 'All about me' activity sheet, please complete this for us and tell us about yourself. We can't wait to find out about our new family members! You could bring this to school with you in September. 

Files to Download