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Resources to support SEN

For some of our children, a period away from school and doing learning from home can be an anxious time. However, the anxiety can be eased a little by setting up a clear timetable of activities to follow, giving each day structure and familiarity.  If the whole day is too much to focus on, a timetable could be made for a morning or an afternoon instead. Please find below an example of a timetable template that could be used and a selection of visual timetable cards that are very similar to the ones we use at school. 

Further fun activities that help develop areas such as fine and gross motor skills and self-regulation as well as fun activities to support sensory processing will be added regularly by the SEN Team. Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions or need further support.

SENsational Resources

Intgegra has some fantastic online resources which have been chosen specifically to provide support for parents of children with special educational needs 

Sensory Play

Learning4Kids has a range of great play based activities to support Sensory Processing...Be prepared for some of them to get messy!!


Files to Download