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Sign up for the Broad Oak 25km or 50km Spring Challenge

Exciting news!!!

Broad Oak Primary has decided to sign up for a  special whole school physical challenge in Spring 2. 

In school, we have been trying really hard to keep fit during this lockdown and I am determined for us to keep this up to make sure we are looking after both our mental and physical health during this period of uncertainty. 

So, in partnership with UK School Run, our whole school (staff and children) will be taking part in one of two mammoth challenges to keep us fit this Spring!

  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 wil be completing a 25km power walk, run, scoot or cycle 
  • Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 will be completing a 50km power walk, run, scoot or cycle

This challenge wil not be done all at once. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Everybody will have five weeks to complete it by the end of Spring 2 and it can be done inside or outside of school.

The Challenge begins on Monday 22nd February and it needs to be completed by Sunday 28th March.
Evidence needs to be submitted and sent in by email in order to be awarded a prize. 

Please note: All year groups (YR to Y6) who are currently attending emergency school will automatically be entered. However, if you are a parent who would like to enter your child or children at home then please sign up using the link below for each child and follow the instructions stated. Only children from Reception to Year 6 may sign up and they must attend Broad Oak Primary School. I know lots have expressed interest already!

You will not be charged for this event and all children who submit their evidence will receive a special medal and a personalised certificate, and most importantly,a huge sense of pride and satisfaction. 

yesTo sign your child up now, click on the link below and get your trainers ready!! yes


Can't wait to see all of you jumping on board!


Miss Bowes

PE coordinator