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Thursday 12.11.20


Maths - Multiplication and division

In today’s lesson we will look back at arrays and how we can utilise them to help us solve multiplication and division problems.


Maths Worksheet Thurs


English – Complex sentences

In todays lesson we will explore complex sentences and the use of subordinating conjunctions. We will choose suitable conjunctions for a range of sentences. Then we will write our own complex sentences for our healthy snack.


Reading Vipers – Have another go at reading the text to remind yourself of the story and to go over any unfamiliar words again. Today’s task is to have a go at the ‘inference’ questions. This means that the answer might not be in the text, instead you will need to read between the lines and imagine what the author is trying to say.


Spelling – Today you have the chance to choose a spelling strategy to practise your spellings before our test tomorrow. Take a look and choose an activity.



PSHE/PATHs – In today’s lesson we will be reviewing rules and why they are important. Read the information on the sheets and think about how we apply the golden rule in and outside school.

Read the problems on the scenario sheet and describe what you would do in each situation.

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