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Thursday 19.11.20


Maths - Representing the sevens

In todays lesson we will be looking at a range of representations for the seven times table before creating our own concrete, pictoral and abstract representations. We will also briefly introduce commutative law when using written multiplication equations.


English – Opinions

In todays lesson we will think about the way the crayons felt in the book and why. We will write the feelings and opinions of the crayons. We will then consider the character we devised yesterday and some of the opinions they might have. We will record our ideas in sentences.


Reading Vipers – Have another go at reading the text to remind yourself of the story and to go over any unfamiliar words again. Today’s task is to have a go at the ‘inference’ questions. This means that the answer might not be in the text, instead you will need to read between the lines and imagine what the author is trying to say.


Spellings – Write a sentence. Practise your spellings by creating a silly sentence of your own for each of your spelling words.


Geography – Chocolate

In today’s lesson we are going to learn more about chocolate – where it comes from and how it is made. Take a look at the lesson slides and video link. Can you mark on a blank world map some of the countries cacao comes from?

Where is chocolate from lesson slides

Where cacao is grown -

World Map

Blank World Map worksheet

Files to Download