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Thursday 4th February 2021


Miss Southern's group, Miss Bowes' group and Mrs Gorman's group your spellings are:

  1. wild
  2. climb
  3. most
  4. only
  5. both
  6. old
  7. cold
  8. gold
  9. hold
  10. told

Miss Gordon's group, Ms Sambrook's group and Mr Wisharts group your spellings are:

  1. people
  2. spray
  3. cloud
  4. cried
  5. dream


Mrs Hope's group, Mr Coyne's group and Miss Mowatt's group your spellings are:

1. stop   
2. club  
3.  bang



Use the phonics links below to practise phonics. To use the Phonics Play website the log in details are as follows:

username: jan21

password: home


Letters and Sounds for Home and School - YouTube


Miss Southern's group, Miss Bowes' group and Mrs Gorman's group will be focusing on high frequency words. Watch the clip below to help you practise your phase 5 sounds. 

phase 5 letters and sounds - YouTube

Miss Gordon's group, Mr Wisharts group and Ms Sambrook's group will be looking at the digraphs 'ay, ou, ie, and ea', these are sounds that you will come across a lot. Watch the video below to help you revise your  previous phase 4 sounds. 

Fun with Phonics! Phase 4 Letters and Sounds - YouTube

Mr Coyne's group, Miss Mowatt's group and Mrs Hope's group will be focusing on the sounds 'm', 'a', 's' and 't' 'o' 'p' 'b' and 'n' . Watch the clip below to help you practise your phase 2 sounds. 

Phase 2 Phonic Sound Help with Pronunciation - YouTube 



LO: To use apostrophes for possession.

Today we are going to look at a different way of using apostrophes called apostrophes for possession. This is where an apostophe is used to show that something or someone belongs. Work through the slides in the uploads below to explore this further. 

Task: Write a description for the bandits in the Wanted poster using at least three apostophes for possession. Eg The girl's hair is long. 




L.O: To add three one digit numbers using a chosen strategy

Today you will be learning how to add three single digit numbers by using ALL strategies learned this week and choosing the most sensible one. First watch the powerpoint. Then complete the dice challenge. Roll a dice (or if you don’t own one, cut up 9 pieces of paper and write numbers 1-9 on them then turn upside down) add them using one of the strategies taught this week.

Lay out your work as you have done this week.


Challenge Curriculum 

LC: Can I follow an algorithm accurately?

Can you remember what an algorithm is rom your learning yesterday? That's right! It's a very detailed and clear set of intructions that tells a computer what it needs to do. 

Yesterday, we thought of different examples of algortihms that we use in every day life. Eg, following a recipe to bake a cake, getting to school in a morning, brushing your teeth. 

Today, your task is to follow an algorithm that will lead a very grumpy pirate back to his lost treasure by following the instructions!

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