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Thursday 7.1.21

Thursday 7.1.21

Morning Year 4 - here are your lessons for today.



Reading - Please access Bug Club for reading activities. If you need help with your login and password please contact the office and a teacher will ensure you get a copy.


Maths - To find unit fractions of a given quantity

During this lesson, we will continue to focus on unit fractions by finding fractions in different contexts. We will use pictorial representations alongside multiplication and division facts to solve a range of problems.


English - To explore and respond to John Lyons' poetry: Dancing in the rain

In this lesson, we will read and respond to two of John Lyons' poems from his collection 'Dancing in the Rain', including discussing structure, language and meaning. We will watch videos of Lyons reading his poems from CLPE. Teaching sequence and video clips of John Lyons reading poems from CLPE (



For spellings, complete the exercise to help you learn your spellings for this week. 



What is static electricity?

In this lesson, we will be learning all about static electricity. We will learn how static charges occur and what happens when they are discharged. We will also be exploring how to create our own static charges with a balloon! If you have a balloon at home then you can use it for this lesson. If you don't then don't worry, you will still be able to watch the demonstrations and complete the lesson.

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