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Tuesday 12.1.21

Maths – Deriving new facts from multiplication facts

In this lesson you will learn to derive new facts from known facts.


English – To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: -er and -est suffixes, including test

In this lesson, we will practise the rules associated with adding the suffixes -er and -est. We will learn how to practise using the colour blocking strategy and will test the words previously set to learn.


Reading- Reading- Please access Bug Club for reading activities. If you need help with your login and password please contact the office and a teacher will ensure you get a copy.

Below is the link to the Bug Club website where children can access interactive books. 

Pearson Sign In 


Topic- What were the different periods in the Stone Age?

The Stone Age is usually split into three different periods. In this lesson, we will learn the names of these different periods and what developments humans made during each of them.


Spelling- This week we will be looking at spellings with the long vowel sound /a/ spelt ‘ei’. Remember to access ‘Spelling PDF document for the week’ to guide you through the activity.


5 in 5- Have a go at today’s 5 in 5 questions on the PDF document. Remember, if it has a red triangle next to the question, we would like you to try a mental method first. If it has a blue square next to it, try a written method first.

Files to Download