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Tuesday 9.2.21



Recall and use equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages

In today’s lesson, we will investigate equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages and then put them in increasing or decreasing order.


In this lesson, children will review key spellings before planning the initial part of the second scene. Planning will be tackled in two parts so that children are supported in the initial stages and become more independent when planning the second part. Sensitive topics are discussed in this unit and some people may want to do this lesson with a trusted adult nearby who can support you.




Topic- The Mayans

This week, you will find out about Mayan food, what they ate and where they got their food from. Work through the Powerpoint and then complete the activity based on Mayan food. 

Spanish - The Weekend lesson 5

Use your Language Angel login to complete lesson 5 in the Super Challenge Level. In this lesson you will create your own presentations based on what you have learnt in the previous weeks.

Safer Internet Day

Today is safer internet day, we are going to be looking at why it is so important to be safe and sensible whilst using the internet! Follow the link below to stream the live lesson. It will be available from 11am today for you to watch at a time which suits you. At the bottom of the page, you will find the worksheets attached that can be used alongside the live lessons!

At the end, as an extra challenge, you could use all of the information you have learnt in today's lesson to create a poster about keeping safe on the internet. Make it as creative as possible!


Weekly Art Challenge - see worksheet!

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