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WB 02/11/2020

Hello Everyone, please find your activities for this week below. Activities will be uploaded daily for the following lessons: 
- Phonics 
- Literacy 
- Maths 

Additional learning activities will be shared with you via Tapestry. If you do not yet have access to Tapestry, please speak to your child's teacher ASAP. 

Friday 6th November 


Today we are learning the 'd' sound in phonics, click the link below to see today's phonics lesson.

Phonics - d


Today we are going to make Witch’s soup! Explain to your child that the witch only likes to eat soup that rhymes! We need to put some ingredients in that rhyme. Explain what rhyming means and give the children some examples, encouraging them to continue the rhyming string.

With your child, you could have a bowl and a spoon ready – lay the rhyming picture cards in the middle (if you have a printer). Can they put two things into the soup that rhyme. If you don't have a printer, your child could identify the two pictures that rhyme from the screen. 

Maths Use the topmarks game to recap the four  2D shapes that we have learnt about.

Now, using straws or pencils which are all the same size, create a square and rectangle. For the rectangle, you will need to use more pencils/ straws to  make the two sides longer. Challenge your child work this out for themselves first, if they can. 

Ideas below; 

Thursday 5th November 


Today we are learning the 's' sound in phonics, click the link below to see today's phonics lesson. 

Phonics- 's' lesson


Watch part of video of fireworks. Encourage children to discuss what the fireworks look like/ sound like.

Have a look at the photographs – discuss them with your child, encouraging them to talk about them and suggest what is happening/what the photographs are. Following this discussion, tell your child that today is 5th November and it is Bonfire Night. Talk about any experiences your child has of Bonfire night and then watch a video of fireworks. Encourage your child to talk about the fireworks and discuss what they look like/sound like. Here are some words you could use:
loud, noisy, pretty, beautiful, colourful, sparkly.

Can you create a beautiful firework painitng? Have a look at the ideas below to help! Can you label your picture with the initial sounds e.g. r for red. f for firework.


Today, we will be looking at the  artist Kandinsky. He likes to use shapes in his art. Look through the Kandinsky PDF of all his various pieces of art. What shapes can you see? How mant sides has that shape got? How many corners?  On paper, and with various coloured pens/pencils, use your imagination to recreate a shape picture.

Wednesday 4th November 


Today we are learning the 'a' sound in phonics, click the link below to see today's phonics lesson. 

Phonics - 'a' lesson


Tell the children that a witch has sent us a message and asked if she can read us a story!
Listen to the story ‘What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?’ (Read by a witch) 
Encourage your child to make predicitons about what we might see in the fridge, in the pot etc. Encourage them to suggest whether it will be yucky or nice.

Work with your child to make your own witch’s recipe, focus on drawing pictures and labelling with initial sounds (try to use sounds children have been taught in phonics) e.g.
spiders – s 
ants – a 
toes – t
pumpkin – p



Today in school, we are going to measuring some different things around the classroom and comparing the lengths. We will be talking about which object is shorter or longer.

Watch this video and join in the activities that you can, to compare different things by length or size.

Tuesday 3rd November


Today we are learning the 'm' sound in phonics, click the link below to see today's phonics lesson. 

Phonics - 'm' 


Today we are going to make our own spooky story! Can you think of a character, setting, problem and solution to create a spooky story? Use the images to help you. Can you draw your story using the Tales Toolkit grid? Have a go at labelling your pictures with initial sounds, if you’re feeling confident, have a go at labelling your pictures with words.  Remember to upload your stories to Tapestry! Please find resources for this lesson below. 


This week, we are learning all about the number 4! Begin by watching Numberblock 4 video: 

Numberblock 4 Video 

Now, can you practice forming the numeral 4? You could do this on paper, in some salt, using paint, with your magic finger etc. We can't wait to see the creative ways you come up with!
Can you find objects in your house? Can you count them by touching each one as you go? Have a go at drawing 4 things e.g. 4 circles, 4 houses, 4 trees etc. 

Additonal Activities

Please see Tapestry. 

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