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Wednesday 13.1.21

Wednesday 13.1.21

Morning Year 4 - here are your lessons for today.


Reading - Please access Bug Club for reading activities. If you need help with your login and password please contact the office and a teacher will ensure you get a copy.

Below is the link to the Bug Club website where children can access interactive books. 

Pearson Sign In


Maths - Consolidating finding non-unit fractions of quantities

In this lesson, we will use our knowledge of fractions to consolidate finding non-unit fractions of a given quantity



English - To perform a poem

In this lesson, we will discuss how to perform a poem based on a poem's tone and meaning. We will warm up our voices, faces and bodies in preparation for our performance. Teaching sequence and video clips of John Lyons reading poems from CLPE (




For spellings, complete the exercises to help you learn your spellings for this week. 


Five in 5

Have a look at today’s 5 in Five questions on the PDF document saved below.


History - What were living conditions like during the Industrial Revolution?

In this lesson we will look at the living conditions of workers during the Industrial Revolution and how they compare to the living standards of today.



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