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Wednesday 18.11.20


Maths - The nines

In today’s lesson we will be looking at the nine times table, considering what patterns there are. We can then apply our knowledge of this table in a ‘swap the digits’ activity.


English – Characters

In today’s lesson we will consider items we own; are there any that feel neglected? Overworked? Misused? We will choose one of our belongings and devise a character inspired by the story. You will draw a picture of your character, describe how they are feeling and write a speech bubble using an emotion word.


Reading Vipers – Today’s lesson is looking at finding the answer to questions about information within then text. These are called ‘retrieval’ questions – a helpful tip is to underline the answers in the text as you read.


Spelling – Missing Words. Look at this weeks lesson slides. Can you copy and complete the sentences using the correct word from this weeks spelling list?


Geography - Chocolate around the world

In todays lesson we are going to see what we already know about chocolate, where it is from and how it is made. After some research we will see if we can find out any new information.

Chocolate information video -

Chocolate lesson slides Wed

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