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Wednesday 3.2.21

Good morning Year 3!  Here is your home learning for today.

Maths – Telling the time to am and pm

In this lesson you will learn to correctly use a.m. and p.m. to read and record time.




English – To continue to write a recount.  Throughout our lesson today, we are going to

continue to write a recount.  Please follow the lesson in the file attached.



Reading- Please access Bug Club for reading activities. If you need help with your login and password please contact the office and a teacher will ensure you get a copy.

Below is the link to the Bug Club website where children can access interactive books. 

Pearson Sign In 


Spelling-  This week we will be looking at homophones – words which have the same pronunciation but different meanings and/or spellings. Remember to access the spelling PDF document for the week which will help to guide you through each day’s learning.



PE- Let’s get moving with Joe Wicks! Access his PE lesson on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday using the following link:

The Body Coach TV - YouTube


Wellbeing Afternoon

We know that it can be tough looking at screen or pieces of paper for a lot of the day. With that in mind we think Wellbeing Wednesday is a great idea. This afternoon we’d like you to take time away from the screen to enjoy an activity with your family. Below are some suggested activities you may wish to do, but please do not feel you have to be limited to these.

  1. If it’s dry outside why not do some water painting. All you need is a paintbrush ( or even just your finger), some water and a surface like a flag in your garden. Think of something fun to draw and use the water and the brush. You’ll have to be quick though as the water will soon evaporate and your picture will disappear!
  2. Go on a walk with your parent or carer. This doesn’t have to be far but it’s a great chance to observe nature and relax. When school rings you on Friday we would LOVE to hear about what you have seen.

We've also attached a document with a whole list of fun, screenless activities you may wish to have a go at. 

Files to Download