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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Today is our first Wellbeing Wednesday. This means we want you to take time this afternoon for mindfulness. Each week we will give you a suggested 'no screen' activity to do. Today your suggested activity is to go for a walk and see how many different birds you can see. You can even submit your result on the RSPB website (tomorrow!).


Miss Southern's group, Miss Bowes' group and Mrs Gorman's group your spellings are:

  1. wild
  2. climb
  3. most
  4. only
  5. both
  6. old
  7. cold
  8. gold
  9. hold
  10. told

Miss Gordon's group, Ms Sambrook's group and Mr Wisharts group your spellings are:

  1. people
  2. spray
  3. cloud
  4. cried
  5. dream


Mrs Hope's group, Mr Coyne's group and Miss Mowatt's group your spellings are:

1. stop   
2. club  
3.  bang



Use the phonics links below to practise phonics. To use the Phonics Play website the log in details are as follows:

username: jan21

password: home


Letters and Sounds for Home and School - YouTube


Miss Southern's group, Miss Bowes' group and Mrs Gorman's group will be focusing on high frequency words. Watch the clip below to help you practise your phase 5 sounds. 

phase 5 letters and sounds - YouTube

Miss Gordon's group, Mr Wisharts group and Ms Sambrook's group will be looking at the digraphs 'ay, ou, ie, and ea', these are sounds that you will come across a lot. Watch the video below to help you revise your  previous phase 4 sounds. 

Fun with Phonics! Phase 4 Letters and Sounds - YouTube

Mr Coyne's group, Miss Mowatt's group and Mrs Hope's group will be focusing on the sounds 'm', 'a', 's' and 't' 'o' 'p' 'b' and 'n' . Watch the clip below to help you practise your phase 2 sounds. 

Phase 2 Phonic Sound Help with Pronunciation - YouTube 



Today we will check and edit our finished non-chronological reports. In school, we call this 'purple polishing' where we check through our work for missing capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Have you missed any question marks? Could you include an adjective to make your sentence even better?

Once you have checked over your work, we would like you to add some pictures and captions to your reports! You can either cut up the images and still them in the appropriate places or you can draw your own. Whichever you choose to do, we would like you to caption the picture. A caption is a super short and simple sentence that is written underneath or next to the picture that tells the reader what the picture in of: eg 'A cheetah racing towards its prey'. If you wish to use photographs, you will find them in the uploads below.




L.O: To add three different one digit numbers by adding the smallest two first

Today you will be learning how to add three single digit numbers by adding the smallest numbers first then adding that total to the larger number. First, watch the poswerpoint, then complete the worksheet. Look at the 3 numbers.
Lay out your work as shown;

Files to Download