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Wednesday 6th January 2021


Today we are going to write some CVC words. Use the attached CVC word phoneme frames (below) and label the pictures. There are lots of pictures to choose from, please just choose 4 pictures to label. Use your Fred fingers to sound the words out and record the letters you can hear. If you do not have a printer at home, don't worry, you can have a go at drawing the picture yourself then label it! 

In the story 'Dear Dinosaur', Max and his dinosaur friends wrote lots of letters. Tody we are going to write a letter. Think about the questions Max asked in the letter he wrote to the T-Rex e.g.

What do you eat?
Have you ever had a sausage?
What is your favourite bath toy?
Can you write?
Have you ever played football?
How fast can you run?

Write some questions to the dinosaur, in a letter. Ue your phonics knowledge to sound out the words, for example you might write

‘wot do yoo eet’

‘How fast can yoo run'


Today we have been reading a maths story, all about marvellous numbers. Would you like to follow along with one of our favourite number stories? Attached is the link to The Crayons Book of Numbers! Enjoy!

The Crayons Book of Numbers

Don't forget to upload your work onto Tapestry for your teachers to see, we would love to see your fantastic writing! 

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