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Emotional Well Being

Here at Broad Oak, we are passionate about teaching our children how to manage their emotional well being.

School Aims

  • To promote our F.A.M.I.L.Y values (Friendship, Aspiration, Mutual Respect, Independence, Learning Together, You Can Do It Attitude)
  • To encourage children to identify positive attributes about themselves
  • To encourage children to identify when they are feeling challenged
  • To provide children with strategies to help them if and when they feel challenged
  • To support each and every child reach their full potential
  • To encourage children to be brave in their choices with the knowledge they have a full support system behind them


How Can You Help?

Simple things that you can do at home to promote a positive emotional well being include;

  • Talking about the school day
  • Asking children to name their top 3 things of the day
  • Encourage children to talk about anything that is bothering them 
  • Model how to compliment e.g. You did a great job tidying your room today
  • Encourage children to compliment themselves. 

If you want anymore information, please come into school and speak to either your child's class teacher or the Pastoral Team. 

Meet our Well Being Ambassadors

Congratulations to all the children who spent time completing a job application for the role of Well Being Ambassador. It was lovely to read all the fantastic ideas from the children about how to promote a positive well being around school. Our ambassadors will be available for any child who feels they need a little bit of peer support throughout the day. We will also be holding Well Being surgeries, every Thursay, if a child feels they need a bit of time out to recharge their batteries. 

Our Well Being Ambassadors are: 

Mia 3M         Lexxie 3H      Layla-Mae 3L

Chelsea 4T  Jessica 4B      Katy 4M

David 5M     Hayden 5H

April 6A        Lexi 6R         Kian 6B


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