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RE Day

Lesson: Religious education

Class: RT Year: 2019 - 2020

As part of Reception's topic 'What builds a community?',  we read a story called 'The Lion who Wanted to Love', we discussed how the lion did not want to be like a normal lion, he just wanted to love others. We then thought about the different ways that we can show love to one another, for example, hugging, holding hands, high fiving etc. 

During the afternoon, we thought about Christians in our community. We were very lucky as we had a special visitor from The Salvation Army, her name was Flo and she gave us lots of information about how the Salvation Army help others. Flo came in her special uniform and brought some things for us to look at. We learnt about William Booth who was the founder of The Salvation Army, 2 children from Reception wore special hats to act as William and his friend and Flo talked about how they had come across people who had nowhere to sleep and decided to help them. Flo also showed us photographs of the first hostel which was made up of boxes for people to sleep in. Flo showed us photographs of the Salvation Army van and talked about how the charity helps the emergency services and people involved in crisis situations, such as firemen and policemen, we learned that the Salvation Army will be there to provide support and a warm cup of tea! Flo gave us a special gift which was a spoon, she told us to ‘look after each other’, ‘be kind’ and ‘a cup of tea always helps!’