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Safer Internet Day

Lesson: Information and communication technology

Class: RT Year: 2019 - 2020

RT have taken part in 'Safer Internet Day', to begin the day, we talked about scenarios that fairytale characters found themselves in when online. Little Red Riding Hood was invited to go to the woods with somebody called 'Wolfie' but this was a stranger online, we voted 'yes' or 'no' about whether we thought Little Red Riding Hood should go, we talked about why/why not and we decided that Little Red Riding Hood should not meet up with Woflie. Next, we had to help the troll from 'The 3 Billy Goat's Gruff', as the goats were sending unkind messages to him. We voted whether it was ok to send those messages, some of us said no and some of us said yes. Once we had discussed this, we shared ideas about the troll also being unkind to the goats, however, in the end, we decided that it is not okay to send unkind message online. We talked about the things we would do if we thought we were unsafe online, the children had some wonderful ideas such as 'telling a grown up', we made a poster to help the troll and had a go at writing 'Ask an adult'.

This afternoon, we talked about YouTube, lots of the children in our class use this website, we also use it in school to support learning. We discussed all of the things we use YouTube for, such as, learning Makaton with Mr Tumble, watching Numberblocks to help us to recognise and understand numbers, phonics songs to support our letters and sounds (and lots more). We then talked about the good things about YouTube and also the bad things about YouTube, the children made a video to share with you - we hope you enjoy it! 

Well done RT for being so grown up and learning all about how to stay safe online. We had a great day!